R and D’s House Divided

In Title Town, home of the illustrious Green and Gold, there’s an establishment that encourages NFL allegiances to clash.  I’m talking about a place that highlights the bitterest, the oldest and the most celebrated rivalry in football: the Bears versus the Packers.  The place I’m talking about, which is situated far away from Lambeau Field, well, at least on the otherside of Green Bay, is known as the House Divided.

The House Divided resides on the corner of University and Danz Avenues.  It’s a short drive, should you simply want to check it out, from Bay Beach and the Wildlife Sanctuary.   The building, if you’re at all familiar with Green Bay, used to be a Japanese hibachi grill restaurant.

Inside, as a fairly small bar huddles around the corner of a commonplace dining room, I catch a local Wisconsin hangout vibe. 

There’s a bit of clutter and TV boxes lying on the floor; I assume these TVs are going to be mounted for game viewing. 

However it’s not imposing, certainly not enough there for a good times interference call.

Of course, as you would expect, both Packers and Bears memorabilia tastefully blitzes the atmosphere.  At one end, you’ll find Packer stuff,

And at the other end, the Bears encroach on Packers territory.

And on your way to the restroom, you’ll find both teams lined across from each other.

To add to the local hangout vibe, and maybe an option to add to your salary cap, what’s a Wisconsin bar without slot machines?

But hey, beyond the curious ambiance, there’s a full menu to tackle.

One can also sip on House Divided’s bottled, canned or, dare I say, draft beer choices. With its prices, your beer will seem like a first rounder, one full of pizzazz, at practice squad deals.

When we’re finished, I’m not sure what to think. I conclude that to fully guage this bar, I’ll have to visit on game day. Because, without the fans’ interactions, I think something is lost. But, as far as a regular night on the town, the atmosphere says typical local bar. So, I might return during a Bears Packers meeting.

Safe Travels!

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