Lombardi Ave

All across this country, there are iconic strips of pavement, ones that conjure concrete images sheerly by their mention. I’m talking about streets such as Broadway, Michigan Ave, Wall Street, Rodeo Drive and so on.  Here, in Green Bay, there is such a strip, a blacktopped stretch where legends reside, known as Lombardi Avenue.

For the visiting fan, should one come across this post on Google, I’ll let you know what to expect, should you visit Green Bay a few days before the game. 

One could stroll east, away from the setting sun, along the mile long ‘Walk of Legends’, and discover momunents honoring Packers of the past.

Or, of course, the aptly named Title Town District provides fun for the whole family. While there’s more than what I’ll highlight, I’m going to list my favorite places in this park.

One could venture Airens Hill on a tube

Or ice skate on a classy rink.

Or, if food and drink is your thing, this little area can accommodate a variety of tastes.

Places like Taverne in the Sky, with its lofty view of Lambeau Field,

or Hinterland Brewery, with its extraordinary beers crafted on site, are upscale dining experiences.

You could also chance TopGolf simulators, along with food and drink, at the Turn,

After that, the most vaunted football attraction, at least here in Green Bay, would be Lambeau Field.

A must, if you’re going to hang around the stadium, has to be the Packers Hall of Fame and the Stadium tour.

Besides that, you could grab a bite to eat at 1919 Kitchen and Tap,

or souvenir hunt at the ginormous Packer Pro Shop.

In closing, if you’re looking to stay around the Lambeau Field area, especially on Lombardi Ave, that’s what’s going on.  Of course, if you’re looking for more to do, the rest of the stadium district and downtown Green Bay have much more.  But, as the stadium is Green Bay’s biggest draw, why not just kill time on Lombardi Avenue.

Safe Travels!

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