Titletown Brewing Co.

Standing proudly, being  an old canning factory turned brewery, basically one of a couple aged structures inside the Railyard District, the Titletown Brewing Company beckons both beer lovers and football fans. Like the team that calls Green Bay home, this place has historical appeal and winning tastes.

Currently, with microbreweries being quite trendy, this particular ale producer is one of the oldest in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The company’s inception, which was in 1996, came during Green Bay’s return to glory, at least as far as football is concerned, as the Packers won their third Super Bowl, ending a twenty-nine year drought. And now, as it can be said for both the team and this beer brewer, the winning tradition largely remains intact.

On Saturday afternoons, with a guide leading the way of course, one could tour this brewery. There’s a fifteen dollar charge, but beer is included, and you also get a souvenir.

Or simply take in the vastness and the original brick walls of the taproom,

Where pinball machines await the classic gamer

and sixteen taps can accommodate any taste.

Better yet, if you ride an elevator towards the building’s top floor, you will arrive at the brewery’s rooftop bar. There, with a patio coming to your aid, you can surmise Green Bay’s historic downtown, the Fox River, a few bridges and the green of the outlying burbs.

Or, on colder days, ones like today, huddle around the fireplace. Damn! I couldn’t get a photo….

Anyways, being that this place is named Titletown Brewing Company, and it offers beers such as Johnny Blood, Green 19 and Dark Helmet, you can definitely make the connection to the Green and Gold. And when you name yourself Titletown Brewing Company, you Damn well better! To top it off, with a building as old as the vaunted Packers, there’s historical allure at this premiere locale.

Safe Travels!

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