Player 2 in Appleton

They’ve always been hangouts, at least as long as I can remember.  And now, being that gamers my age,  and the generation after, have become full grown adults, alcohol has become a part of this gathering spot’s experience.  With this type of intro,  you may have guessed, if you’re hip on today’s trends, that I’m introducing an arcade bar. And I am. This particular one, known as Player 2, sits in Appleton, Wisconsin.

This is the original Player 2 Arcade Bar.  I mention that it’s the original, because, along with the Appleton location, there’s a fresh   one in Green Bay also.

In this Appleton hangout, should you want to step in the Wayback Machine, you’ll find the ultimate arcade classic: pinball machines.

Of course, along with those, and a comic book graffiti hall,

you’ll find the vintage games that made arcades famous.

And what’s an arcade bar without a cool bar?

Finally, if you’re into novelties, like this particular game, you’ll totally dig this place…wait, I know this machine says 1982, but is that real? I thought it was pure Hollywood fiction.

We actually didn’t stay to play any games, mainly because of a strict budget, but this place seems to fall into the same mold as the Green Bay location. I think it’s safe to assume, actually I’m quite confident, that there might be a few free play machines. The rest would cost a 25 cent token or two.

So, you get the gist…. right? Appleton’s Player 2 is basically a vintage arcade, one that serves mixed drinks, craft beer and stuff. Sorry, unlike the Green Bay spot, which offers craft burgers and sides, I didn’t find a menu for Appleton’s bar.

I guess, besides the food, the main difference, when comparing the two arcade bars, is that Appleton’s is a one story building, and the games are spread in a two floor building at the Green Bay locale. Also, Appleton’s lighting is much dimmer than the Green Bay spot. So, where Green Bay might sport a slightly trendier atmosphere, this place just has the old 80’s arcade vibe.

Safe Travels!

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