The Trout Museum of Art in Appleton.

Along College Avenue, which is downtown Appleton’s main artery, the Trout Museum of Art offers three floors of exhibitions. And since those galleries showcase many pieces, it’s a welcome place to interpret artistic expression.

Recently, I had posted a bit on the exhibits displayed at the museum.  Today, seeing how those displays are still largely in place, and it’s been a while since I’ve featured the TMA as a whole, I’m going to focus on the museum itself.

The building, appearing classy and modern,  was built in 2002, although, back then, the TMA went by another name.  That changed in 2010, when Dr. Monroe Trout, and his wife Sandra, donated one million dollars plus their private art collection to  the Appleton Art Center .  In honor of them, the museum was renamed for its most generous benefactors, and the TMA now has a permanent collection.

Like I had mentioned, there are three floors to this museum.

The second floor wraps around the first, to create a nice open air feel.

And there’s just a bit of their private collection displayed on the third floor.

To add to that, when you walk through the front doors, you’re greeted by a refreshingly modern atrium.

What’s best, an annual membership is a mere 15 dollars, which, if you consider the many temporary exhibitions, is a great deal. And what’s more, the TMA hosts and sponsors programs and events.

In closing, in this neck of the woods, there aren’t many art museums around, at least that I know of. As it sits right now, the TMA’s modern art exhibitions surpass some museums in larger cities. So, if you’re in the area, go ahead, splurge on the annual membership. I think you’ll leave refreshed more than once this year.

Safe Travels!

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