Al’s Hamburger

Remember the 50’s and 60’s?  I sure don’t; I wasn’t born until the early 70’s.  Yet, as these fun times occurred before my birth, and I know I’m not alone, I’m well aware of the time period’s trends.  It was full of Rock ‘n’ Roll, cool cars, fashionable skirts, leather jackets…I probably don’t have to go on, I’m sure you already have a mental picture.  And to go along with all the teenage fads, there were places to hang out, ones where you could get a burger and milk shake. Some of these genuine burger shacks still survive, Al’s Hamburger is a prime example that fact.

Al’s was actually conceived in 1934, and has been serving Green Bay ever since. And this small little place, located on downtown’s Washington Street, is a genuine classic.

No I’m not overselling it, I’m just saying there’s nothing trendy or pretentious about it. It practically is how it ever was.

The place features a classy retro wall.

Okay, maybe these retro stools are a bit updated,

but the grill and shake machine certainly don’t appear that way.

Nor do these booths.

And your food comes in an old fashioned basket.

I have to mention, even if I went for the Al’s Classic, which was only six dollars, that specialty burgers were also available. Among the choices, I found a burger topped with bratwurst, another with Sriracha sauce or maybe you’d care to go for a full pound beef patty.

If you’re looking for a menu with variety, you’re not going to find it here. There are a handful of other sandwiches, like a hot dog or chicken sandwich, but, for the most part, the menu items are mainly burgers and sides…ooh, and ice cream and milk shakes. Isn’t that how it should be?

A trip to Al’s is the ultimate in casual dining, and the prices are competive with the other restaurants in the area. It’s basically a no frills classic that is laid back and homey. If you’re looking for a juke box in the corner, one pumping out early Rock ‘n’ Roll tunes, this ain’t the place. It’s an ordinary eatery, lightly playing Classic Rock, with an 87 year history.

Safe Travels!

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