Ice Fishing on the Fox River

Where I’m from, it’s simply what you do during winter. So much so, that my dad’s Christmas gift, I mean the one I gave him, was centered around this activity. I’m not much for fishing, especially ice fishing, which is what I’m featuring today, but growing up a few miles from the bay, getting out on the ice to catch fish was unavoidable.

Lately, while driving over the 172 bridge, which stretches over the Fox River, I’m tickled by the sight of shanties scattered over the iced over waters. It reminds me of my childhood, when the bay would be transformed into a village of little wooden shacks.

Yesterday, I stepped on the ice to take some pics. Basically, what one does, using an auger, is drill a hole in the ice. Then, either using a tip up, which is a contraption that sends a flag in the air when a fish bites, or an ice fishing pole, you put your lines in the water and wait for a fish. I’m not sure what these anglers are aiming for, but I know bass, perch and whitefish all live in the river

In nearby Allouez, it was actually quite warm, and this guy basked in the sun while waiting for a few bites.

Making fishing simple, this lightweight shanty folds up so you can easily carry it on the ice.

Of course, being dependant on weather, ice fishing seasons will vary in length. Typically though, January through March provides enough ice to tackle this regional sport. If you have a nice enough shanty, which many do, your fishing experience is spent in a winter haven, constructed to suit its builder’s taste, where one can simply relax for the day.

Safe Travels!

3 responses to “Ice Fishing on the Fox River”

  1. I have heard there are number of ice fishing shanties on Pentwater Lake in the winter. That is where we go every summer. I would love to the ice shanties someday – if they still do it. However, my husband is a big baby when it comes to cold. At least, I could see some with your blog post!

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    • Thanks for the comment Betty! You should Tell your husband that many of those shanties, at least the wooden structures, have wood stoves or heaters inside. While they’re not toasty warm, there’s enough heat to ward off frigid temps.

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