Stadium View

Football season may be over, but there are plenty of hangouts, ones that celebrate their unique location, near Lambeau Field. One particular place, by name alone, seems to play upon that quite literally, and, all the while, does so in a very hip manner. This spot, and today’s topic, would be Stadium View Bar and Grill.

Stadium View is straight down from Lambeau Field, that is if you were to follow the brief Armed Forces Drive. When that road ends, a night life quest, or simply a great dining experience, begins.

Entertainment, ranging from live bands to DJ’s, energize gatherings on many nights. Besides that, the typical barroom games

like pool

and darts

will satiate competitive spirits.

And if you want to watch Wisconsin sports, there are plenty of televisions that allow for that.

Along with the main bar, just off to the side, this garage door paneled addition, feeling chic and modern, adds an open air experience to the mix.

And the same can be said of Stadium View’s roof top bar. Of course, panoramic views of the Stadium District, which include the Resch Complex venues, and, of course, Lambeau Field are an added bonus.

As for its menu, it’s a combo of soups, sandwiches, burgers and pizza…oooh! I can’t forget fish on Fridays, and a few appetizers to boot. The prices aren’t outstanding, but they’re definitely competitive with similar Green Bay establishments. And if you compare costs, which I feel one should definitely do, restaurants in the Title Town District are more expensive.

With all I just said, I’d be failing if I didn’t mention that beer, with a few craft brews thrown in, along with great mixers, are Stadium View’s specialty, although there are dining spots at every bar in the place.

I’ll also throw in this fact, Stadium View has an event hall. So, special occasions could definitely be held here.

So, whether it be a Packer game, or Resch Complex event, you could celebrate before or after. Heck, the place is quite fun and hip, a simple night out would suffice.

Safe Travels!

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