Hagemeister Park

Located in Green Bay’s historic downtown, along the Fox River’s east bank, you’ll find an eatery that celebrates the deep history of the Packers.

It’s a spot where elegance meets grit,

and photos of men, ones you probably never heard of,  point to historic influences on a fledgling football club.

Of course, there’s an excellent bar, where many craft beers are on tap.

And dining spots in classy booths, or equally fashionable tables,

along with a full menu of flatbreads, eentres, appetizers, sandwiches, soups, salads, signature steaks and Friday fish choices await the casual diner.

I can’t forget about this place’s  patio, which is simply the best alfresco dining spot in the city.  Today, being that it’s a frigid February day, heated globes, like this one, provide a vantage of the river, and the Broadway District.

This eatery, named after Green Bay’s first recorded football game’s location, is known as Hagemeister Park. It’s open year round, and offers daily specials; my favorite is a twelve dollar pizza on Sundays.

So, whether in the dead of winter, or the sultry winds of Summer, Hagemeister Park, situated on Washington Street, is an excellent spot.  You could learn some forgotten lore of the Green and Gold, drink a local craft brew or sit on the patio with a tasty dish…heck you could do all three. 

Safe Travels!

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