Fox Harbor

Set in an aged structure, which was once a safe haven for weary travelers, Fox Harbor Pub and Grill now provides hungry souls great tasting eats. 

What was originally the Freimann Hotel, a brick accommodation built during the late 19th century,  is standing along a scenic riverbank.  And with its position on Washington Street, it has been transformed into an excellent downtown Green Bay eatery.

In this bare bones setting, you could, as I’m sure many a past visitor had done, cozy next to a fire.

Or, as I keep the old Freimann Hotel in mind, after being rattled by rails, those that guided the last arriving train, you could lounge at the bar.

Better yet, you could park your horse drawn carriage, or more preferably yourself, on this classy patio.

As for the menu, which is an important part of Fox Harbor’s business, it’s fairly awesome.  Full of pizzas, seafood, wraps, specialty burgers, original sandwiches, soups, salads and appetizers, it guarantees some hearty Midwestern eating.   Combine that with craft, domestic and import beers plus some refreshing cocktails, and this makes for a tastefully classy experience.

So if you’re like me, craving a modern eatery, but tastefully mixed with a historic setting, Fox Harbor is one of the best Green Bay locations. The prices are competitive, the service is great and the place just oozes style.

Safe Travels!

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