Badger State Brewing Co.

On the cusp of the Stadium District, with Lambeau Field’s elevated ‘G’ in sight, a brewery, one that boasts Wisconsin’s traits, invites beer connoisseurs through its doors.

Even in the dead of winter, the patio invites the rugged outdoorsman.

And, as I step inside its halls, I sense working class style.

Add a fashionable taproom,

a spacious setting for a few beers,

well maybe more than a few,

wait, there’s more,

and this place will satiate the need for a tasteful experience, with flavor of both the literal and trend sense.

Even the bathroom, with kegs you probably wouldn’t want to tap, is a cut above the norm.

Capping this beer drinking space off right, behind these glass panels, in the midst of this darkened space, gleaming brewing apparatus assure one that the beer is brewed on site.

This spot, aptly titled Badger State Brewing Co., is a great way to spend some time in Green Bay, Wisonsin.

From an On Wisconsin to a Whiskey Business, or a BRW-SKI to a Bunyan Wisconsin Brown Ale, you’re sure to find a cleverly titled beverage to suit your tastebuds. Me? I went with a 4 ounce Peanut Butter Crisp Porter. It was delicious.

So, whether you’re local, or simply visiting Green Bay, Badger State Brewing Co., with a stylish taproom, and a tasty and extensive beer list, might be a great choice for any brew thirsty soul.

Safe Travels!

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