New Exhibitions at Appleton’s TMA

Architecture is certainly art, and it serves a human need simultaneously. And as they transform with evolving trends, necessities, or at least what we perceive as necessary, shift with time. I found a prime example of that statement, which was proudly displayed on two floors, at the Trout Museum of Art.

The Oscar C. Boldt exhibit highlights the man’s versatility as an engineer and architect.

Starting with a time-line,

and his involvement in the family carpentry business,

photos, many taken by accomplished photographers, highlight the businessman’s beginnings to his extraordinary accomplishments. His structures, many clean energy efforts, ones that champion efficiency, range greatly.

From hospitals

to college campus buildings,

and wind turbines

to fields of solar panels,

the man strove to beautify urban landscape while preserving the natural environment.

I should mention, as I wrap up my overview, that his work can be witnessed personally. If one were to walk a few blocks, striding west from the museum, you’ll find the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center showing off many of his engineering talents.

Beyond the two floors of architectural photography lies a display, a cool collection of paintings, featuring the winner of the TMA’s juried exhibition.

Adam Stoner hails from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and most of his oil paintings use a birch wood surface.

I found his subject matter cool, and, in all likelihood, his enthusiasm for those shapes and colors dwarfed my own interests. When an artist can display that profoundly, the viewer receives a new perspective on elements otherwise underappreciated. I also found imagination in some of these works.

As I finish this post, I feel obligated to tell you that Groundbreaking: Oscar C. Boldt Tribute Exhibition will run until May 15. I think a Wisconsin born talent deserves such a retrospective. His dedication, hardwork and genius affect many local and national lives.

Safe Travels!

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