Leaps and Bounds

Residing in the Titletown District, more precisely, the Kohler Lodge, a novel coffee shop sits amid the hotel’s lobby. And when I entered this attractive spot,  its ambiance begged me to write a singular post about it.

The Kohler Lodge, situated across from Lambeau Field, rises as a stadium visitor’s classy accommodation.

And immediately, as you step into this place, the exquisite ambiance siezes your being.

Set inside this fashionable atmosphere, a little coffee shop, a place known as Leaps and Bounds Cafe, which also offers beer, wine and mixed drinks, seems to fit this setting seamlessly.

Of course, the Packer theme meshes with the elegant interior.

Moreover, if you’re seeking fresh air, its scenic patio offers a refreshing experience.

Of your caffinated beverage choices, you’ll find cofffees, expressos, lattes and teas. A couple of food choices, to go along with your drink, combined with a choice of smoothies and milkshakes, add a little variety to Leaps and Bounds’ menu.  I think, given this premier setting, I, not really being a Starbucks guy, might just give this place a try.  Heck, a one time indulgence wouldn’t hurt much.

Safe Travels!

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