Titletown District: activities for all seasons.

It seems, to me at least, that March is a month in weather limbo, especially in Wisconsin. On any given day, it just might snow twelve inches, and, within a matter of sunrises, be warm enough for tough guys to wear shorts. So, with that in mind, I’ll feature a few Titletown District activities, ones that demonstrate this multi-seasonal hub of Wisconsin outdoor fun.

I’ll start off with a simplistic backyard game: shuffleboard.

No, no one was able to play, nor was anyone on the snowy Ariens Hill,

or, maybe a bit more dispairing, skating the attractive ice rink.

But hey, I showed up mid morning, and that was on a weekday. I’m sure the winter activities lured some folks later on.

And as I looked ahead towards warmer days, I could hear the gleeful shouts of children. Well, not literally, but, as I surmised the playground, I could picture a memorable family outing.

Included was this stretch of turf, where kids could compare their forty-yard dash time to their favorite player’s.

Finally, what’s a pigskin fan haven without a football field?

So, with that said, and a few of these activities being free, the Titletown District awaits. If you’re in Green Bay, or simply visiting, this might be a great way to spend some down time.

Safe Travels!

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