Element Earth

Mostly anybody, when traveling to a bucket list destination, would like to bring home a keepsake. It all depends on taste, and, of course, what one can afford. I Bring this up, if you’re wondering, because a small little place, one that shows off this area’s talents, tastes and, sometimes, its natural attributes, lies near Green Bay’s downtown. That place, known as the Art Garage, features many local artists, and their interpretation of the world around them.

At this time, after you step away from a brilliant showcase,

one that features northeastern Wisconsin talent,

you’ll find the Art Garage’s featured exhibit,

which happens to be a collaboration of several media,

known as ‘Element Earth’.

This cool collection depicts our planet’s colorfully vibrant serenity,

awe inspiring stages,

blatantly violent side

and it’s truly unusual nature.

Of course, there are some pieces that say as much about ourselves, as the world that surrounds.

In the end, as I left the gallery with mixed emotions, I wished I had a larger income. Surely, as all of these works were for sale, some would look excellent in my house. For now, I can glimpse local artistic brilliance, hoping those finite details remain in my memory.

Safe Travels!

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