How’s it going?

You may ask, “Chris, What’s your point?” Well, at least, you might ask that after reading this. Basically, I’m exercising my writing skills, creating a more frequent routine. Plus, I’m on a limited budget, and Green Bay, while being a bucket list destination, especially for many pigskin lovers, can only offer so many fresh and interesting spots. So, I’m just going to write a personal journal entry, not a travel post.

I’m returning to my job today, well at least for one day. I had just spent six days away, enjoying a high school musical, one in which my niece played an important role.

I also watched her younger sisters, ages 8

and 11,

show off their skating skills and puck handling abilities inside the rink. The latter, quite surprisingly, was a lot of fun. And, as a side note, the girls played at the same venue where the movie ‘Might Ducks’ was filmed.

Of course, there were downsides, and I felt a sense of duty and a commitment to family take hold. I won’t get into specifics, but someone near and dear to my heart needs some support. I’m not saying they’re totally reliant on that, because I know how strong they are. But being in similar shoes, I definitely want them to have as much backing as possible.

So, that was my weekend, the beginning of a six day work free stretch. Although the weekend exceeded expectations, because I was very happy to be in the presence of family, the second half was mundane and boring as hell. Actually, I feel I failed in someways. But, more about that Sunday.

And even if this is no where near a travel post, although Sunday I’ll include info on our hotel stay, I’ll still finish with a…

Safe Travels!

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