Green Bay’s Player 2 Arcade Bar

It wasn’t too long ago, about a year and a half I think, when I wrote about Player 2 in Green Bay.  Yet, I’m going to do it again.  This time, I’m going to cut the verbosity, show a few decent photos and highlight the main attractions.

Player 2 resides on Washington Street, which is a downtown road that runs along the Fox River.  Immediately, when you walk into this place, you sense the fashionable ambiance. 

It’s a mixture of 80’s graffiti, cutting edge tech and antique brick walls.

If you combine a classic bar with multiple craft beer taps,

and much of the same on the second floor,

a stylish setting awaits the hip, casual drinker.

Even if I’ve mentioned that, I haven’t  even touched on the main attractions.

I’m talking about pinball machines,


and, of course, set on an eighties styled second floor, vintage arcade games please the classic gamer.

With iconic game,

after iconic game

after iconic game,


I think you get the point,

anyways, I think anyone, at least those longing for the golden age of arcades,  will love this place.

I didn’t even mention player 2’s menu, which is full of burgers and sides. A creative list of cocktails and shots are also available. And if you want a place to set your beer, I mean while playing your favorite arcade machine, Player 2 has you covered.

There’s also free play machines, and a gigantic multi-player screen, allowing friendly competitions with games such as Mario Kart.

My point is this, with prices being a mere twenty-five cent token or two, you can try out an arcade game from the past.  Of course, other games offer entertainment also.  Literally, a ten dollar bill can offer an hour of fun.

  Safe Travels!

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