Fox River Brewing Co.

If you’re from northeastern Wisconsin, you probably know how important the Fox River is.   This  waterway, a fairly broad body,  runs from east central Wisconsin to Lake Winnebago and then from Lake Winnebago to Green Bay. It serves sportsman, the enviroment and many local industries.  That’s been a fact for centuries.  So, as this is a rather lengthy lead in, a brewery  in Oshkosh, one set on the upper Fox River, boasts the name of this Great Lakes tributary.

Fox River Brewing Company, residing on Aboretum  Drive, is near the Paine Art Center and the Oshkosh Public Museum.  Of course, as I had mentioned, its riverside location is a great setting for drinking and dining experiences.

The taproom, which was really my focus, is a vast expanse that combines antique barroom fun,

modern barroom fun

an excellent view of the river,

and a combination of bare bones industrial elements with chic modern styling.

The offerings, as far as the brews are concerned, are a bit different.  Actually, quite honestly, the mainstays are not what I really look for.  Beers like blue bobber, and red bobber, are fruity concoctions infusing blueberries and raspberries into their ales.  There’s also a white bobber, which is a pineapple tasting ale with oat.

I did try a darker, malty beer which was decent.  And if you’re wondering, Fox River Brewing Co. also a has a standard IPA, plus a Scottish ale.  There are plenty of other choices also.

Adjoined to the taproom, I found a pretty classy restaurant, where wines, along with the brewery’s product, could be purchased.

The brewery was in plain sight.

So were these river domes, set right on the patio, with a great view of the thawing waters.

I couldn’t find info on the restaurant’s menu, but I know the pizzas are excellent.

So, finishing up, I’d say my favorite bits about the Fox River Brewing Co. are the building and its location. I’m not a huge fan of its brewery staples. Yet, there are sufficient beer options. I guess, being that there is an Appleton location also, if you’re in Oshkosh, or the Fox Cities, it wouldn’t be a bad place to check out.

Safe Travels!

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