The Oshkosh Outlet Mall

Lying in the southern most portion of Oshkosh, and across from the EAA grounds, a cluster of outlet stores, ones surrounding a large parking lot, offer name brand products for thrifty shoppers. That is to say, you’ll find high-end merchandise at affordable prices.

I’m not much for shopping, and, usually, the bulk of my purchases occur at Walmart.  That’s Simply because, even if many smart shoppers stop there, that’s my place of employment.  But, a little extra shopping, especially for quality goods, doesn’t hurt. 

All told, at least according to the mall’s online directory, there are a little over 25 stores at this location. Sadly, there is a lot of empty space, which may have held shops at one time.

Its basically laid out, if I were to compare it to something tangible, like a few large strip malls. And although some shops are adjoined, one must brave the elements to get from store to store. The other downside, because of this layout, is that not every shop has a restroom. I literally had to hop in the car, being at the far end, and drive to a restroom clear across the parking lot.

But anyways, there are fashion stores that provide custom service,

top brand athletic apparel stores,

outdoor outfitters,

and shoe racks.

Actually, there is plenty more, but that’s what I prefer. 

At the end of the day, I purchased an eighty dollar rain coat for 28 dollars.  And I could have bought a lot more.  I just didn’t find an absolute need for the other deals.  But, should I stumble upon some extra cash,   there are about seven other items that stick in my mind.  Yet, I’m no worse off without them.  Man, I’d really like them though!

Safe Travels!

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