Anduzzi’s Sports Club

Located on Green Bay’s east side, more particularly, right next to the Marcus Cinema, you’ll find a mix of casual dining, barroom fun, live music and plenty of alcoholic drinks all under one roof. This spot, being one of two excellent sports clubs, is known as Anduzzi’s East.

Let’s start off with watching the big game…

Do you think you’ll get a clear view?

“But what about barroom fun?” You just might wonder.

Thats definitely covered too.

“Any dining spaces?” You may ask.

Here’s one…

and another…

There’s actually more, if you care to check out the television pic again, you’ll see a ton of tables there also.

and I can’t forget, coming soon, this patio will be a lively outdoor spot.

Talking about lively, if you just want to dance, or simply let loose, this stage hosts quality local acts.

All that said, and I haven’t even mentioned the bar, or the establishment’s menu, which boasts appetizers, wraps, sandwiches, craft burgers, pizza, pasta.. .I think you get the hint, it’s a full menu. Included with those choices, one could opt for a daily special.

At the end of the night, with moderately priced food and drink, I think you’ll be happy you dropped in. You could come to Anduzzi’s for a bite to eat, and then, should there be an act scheduled, rock out to a quality band!

Safe Travels!

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