Armed Forces Drive

While its not  your typical destination, being that there’s no regular hours, and the draws change daily, I felt obliged to include Armed Forces Drive in my archives.  Mainly,  this brief stretch of road, running from Lambeau Field to the Stadium View bar, is the central location for Green Bay’s biggest events.

Let’s start off with concerts and sports action.  Hosting  professional hockey, indoor football and college basketball, the Resch Center offers area sports enthusiasts, ones craving quality talent, alternatives to NFL games. 

Presenting even larger events, a venue that provides room for seasonal expositions, the gargantuan Resch Expo dominates the landscape.

Of course, being in the heart of the Stadium District, you’ll find the Packers’ practice facilities,

where you just might glimpse your favorite player.

And last, but not least, you’ll find this Mecca of professional sports entertainment, residing immediately at the west end of the road.

I should add, even if I didn’t include any photos, that one bar, known as The District, resides along this venue packed road. Similarly, opposite of Lambeau Field, should you look towards the east, you’ll find Stadium View Bar and Grill. Not to mention, a few other drinking establishments, plus hotels, take residence near the area.

So you get it, right? Green Bay, plus big events, equals Armed Forces Drive. If you’re coming for a particular gathering, and are from out of town, like I said, there are hotels right in the middle of this action packed location. Now you know, as it’s quite obvious, where the hottest spot in Green Bay lies.

Safe Travels!

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