46 Below

Centrally located in the Titletown District, and cleverly titled, being that it’s situated right under Airens Hill, you’ll find a restaurant named 46 Below.

For those of you wondering, calling the eatery 46 Below, besides being clever, is also quite significant. First, this place is right in the middle of Titletown’s midwinter draws, like a tubing hill and skating rink. Second, and more importantly, -46 degrees Fahrenheit was the temp, with the windchill factored in, of the famed Ice Bowl. To commorate its ties to the Pack, inside this midwinter shelter, this seemingly out of place vending machine stands.

I mean, this spot has some freshly constructed winter lodge style,

with a classy and progressive interior design.

You won’t forget the view of the district and Lambeau Field.

Despite its class, there’s a splash of cafeteria aura here.

This spot sports an order station, serving a light menu. Of the choices, you’ll find bistro sandwiches, wraps, salads, a kids menu, cafe bites and beverages.

So, with that said, or I should say, with that written, should you be tubing, skating or just passing by in summer, this fun place offers a bit of high grade ambiance. This fashionable spot, sprinkling Packers lore into the mix, might suit your tastes.

Safe Travels!

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