Narrow Bridge Brewhouse

On the outskirts of Green Bay, in the village of Howard, you’ll find an interesting combination. It’s part restaurant, part microbrewery, part concert venue and part taphouse. The name of this fun establishment, being fairly sizeable, is Narrow Bridge Brewhouse.

This place features an enormous patio,

along with an outdoor bar and stage.

Inside, it gets better, because a horseshoe bar,


set of barroom games,

stylish sound stage, hosting scheduled acts,

and dining room awaits.

The latter, just as sizeable as Narrow Bridge’s patio, allows one to feast on shareables, soups, salads, flatbreads, sandwiches, wraps, pizzas and burgers. You could say, serious hearty eating takes place at this spot.

Of course, I had mentioned this establishment was also a microbrewery. Inside this small brick and glass shell,

three acceptable beers are brewed. There’s an amber, a farmhouse ale and a coconut porter to choose from. I drank two, I wouldn’t call them outstanding, but they’re not horrible either.

Of course, the drinklist doesn’t stop there. You’ll find domestics, imports, other local craft brews, whiskeys and mixed drinks topping off the selections.

Narrow Bridge Brewhouse, with a ton of space, along with stages that accommodate a series of scheduled live acts, boasts a sensible menu, three fair in-house brews and a large complementary drinklist that could serve many ‘night on the town’ needs.

Safe Travels!

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