Captain’s Walk Winery

I’ll start off by saying this; Green Bay has some serious history. And placed in its historic downtown, which is a casually vibrant center, one that can trace its roots to the War of 1812’s end, a winery inside a Victorian house testifies to that fact.

The moment you traipse through its aged threshold, you’re soothed by an air of lax  refinement. 

And, as you pass into a pleasant tasting room,

an elegant tasting bar as its centerpiece,

You’ll find wines,


and cheeses to cozy up to,

or share with friends, in a comfortable setting of your own.

Captain’s Walk, the winery I speak of, boasts many vintages: merlot, chardonnay, rose…I think you get the point. And some, differing from what I’ve just mentioned, are little out of the ordinary.

Aside from that, quite literally, opposite a period furnished hall, you’ll find a bistro.

This small eatery, beaming a lot of natural light, serves a mini menu, and fresh cider on tap. 

Outdoors, in a few months, maybe sooner, a lawn will provide a tempting tasting atmosphere.

In the end, with all the chaos that calls itself life, craving a relaxed setting makes absolute sense.  Here, at Captain’s walk, a fun fermented crushed grape episode, one inside a storied residence, beckons those who seek it.

Safe Travels!

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