Petskull Brewing Co.

Sitting in Manitowoc’s downtown, amidst massive redevelopment, and harbored inside an antiquated cream colored brick building, Petskull Brewing Company, and its taproom, offers its guests a wide array of beers.

Petskull is located near the meandering Manitowoc River.

Manitowoc, itself, is an old Wisconsin maritime town, residing on the Lake Michigan shore. Once famous for its shipbuilding prominence, where many burgeoning 19th century businesses thrived, you definitely sense the history in this community.

When you step inside Petskull’s taproom, sheltering yourself in an old shell, seemingly an ancient sanctuary among a vital construction site, you’ll be treated to a vast sample of rustic grit.

But throw away the fancy prose for a sec; this place gives you a lot of choices, wicked expertly brewed options, poured from retro looking taps. How many taps? I counted twenty satisfying beers…oh, and pretty friendly service to match. IPA, Scottish ale, Irish red, stout…the types of brew goes on.

And the brewing machinery, proof that your beer was brewed on site, is plainly on display.

There’s also a small kitchen.

Keep in mind, the menu changes daily, but, when I checked, offerings included snacks, po’ boys, sandwiches, a dinner plate special and burgers, with a few other items on the side.

Of course, the view outside, resulting from being surrounded by construction, isn’t all that great.

But hey, the interior’s atmosphere makes up for that.

After all was said and done, and my Scottish ale was laid to rest, I came to a rather concrete conclusion. Petskull Brewing Company is a quality place, minus a complementary view.

Safe Travels!

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