McFleshman’s Brewing Company

Just off of College Avenue, which is Appleton’s main artery, you’ll find a rather unique downtown taproom. It has a feel, which differs from many beer factories, of a yesteryear upscale corner bar. In fact, that’s practically what McFleshman’s Brewing Company is, a rather cozy, classy and laid back place.

The taproom, although there is a second floor balcony, isn’t huge.

It’s adorned with conversation piece kitsch.

Of course, this stately bar, where I counted 16 beers on tap, hosts many a brew thirsty patron.

Or, you could pick a pack to go.

Mainly, after our beer was poured, at a slightly pricey cost, Heidi and I settled in and relaxed.

This man played original acoustic jams, creating a lively but mellow vibe.

All the while, the wort seemed to be brewing,

and the brewery was poised and ready.

And despite this spot’s old fashioned appearance, progressive gender neutral bathrooms relieve beer filled bladders.

Sadly, no one braved the cold, rainy weather. And this fun beer garden remained empty.

When we ended our stay, that is to say, after our delicious amber ales were drained from their glasses, we were riding a calm high. And that makes McFleshman’s a spot we will visit again.

Safe Travels!

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