Appleton Beer Factory

Located amidst College Avenue’s long downtown stretch, you’ll find a brewery cleverly titled the ‘Appleton Beer Factory’.

This particular place, a fairly buzzing setting, is kind of run of the mill – dare I say cookie cutter? It features all of the mainstays a typical taproom possesses, without genuine antiquity. So, I won’t go too indepth.

One cool attribute, which actually charged my being, would be a pretty vast expanse, one that boasts a large stage.

I love that particular room, because the brewing machinery is in plain sight.

Of course, there’s another fun room here. This one, especially if you gaze upon the main wall, has an art gallery feel.

“What about the beer choices?” You may ask. While there weren’t a lot of options,

Heidi strongly contemplated her decision.

I went with a black ale known as the Butte des Mortes. While I did, Heidi settled on a brau, temporarily titled Lithuania Strong.

This place also has a menu, but its a bit adventurous and pricey for my tastes.

After our beers were downed, we decided to head back home. While I reflected on the place, I came to a rare conclusion; while the place was clean and trendy, it was just a bit too ordinary. I mean, there just weren’t any fun twists, and the prices were above average.

But, as you might judge for yourself, and you can see by the smile on my face, the beer was pretty darn good.

Safe Travels!

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