What’s Your Function?

In a land of hard work and grit, where its football legacy is a premiere attraction,

a museum, one that celebrates a distinctive past, stands for its residents’ amusement.

Inside, for a limited time, a juried exhibition, a collection of NWTC students’ artistic outputs, awaits Brown County residents.  This excellent showcase of local talent, a glowing testament to this area’s promise, is a temporary installment at the Neville Public Museum.

It illuminates the mind, or,

in this candleholder’s case, sheds light on some serious subjects.

Of course, with the name of the exhibition being What’s Your Function?, this display highlights functional art, and I have no idea what this is.

This one leaves me scratching my head also.

This lamp is just fun,

and so are these pieces.

Of course, with functional art, the items can be kind of mundane,

Or sheerly dull.

In the end, while leaving, I decided that this feature, which runs until May 8, was pretty fun. Artistic expression and interpretation comes in so many forms; little twists send my imagination churning. I love that!

Safe Travels!

2 responses to “What’s Your Function?”

  1. I really enjoyed this post. I especially like the first picture of a woman holding some kind of container which is holding a candle. The lamp made me smile. I once took my kids to an art exhibit at our St. Louis art museum. I forget what it was called. It was definitely “out there.” However, at dinner that night, the conversation was lively describing all the “weird” stuff they had seen. It certainly ignited their imaginations. Thanks for sharing this art.

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    • Betty, I certainly appreciate the comment. And yeah, sometimes, at least for me, certain pieces profoundly impact our minds. It’s cool that your children were totally entertained by such things.

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