Stubborn Brothers Brewery

In a rather small town, a classy vaudeville theater lies dormant…or maybe not. While pop culture has forgotten vaudeville shows, with yesteryear’s hits being nowhere close to today’s top entertainment choices, another fad has breathed life into this aged building. I’m speaking of a craft brewery, one reflective of its setting, a trendy spot known as Stubborn Brothers, in Shawano, Wisconsin.

Its building, like many of Shawano’s downtown structures, states turn of the century- possibly older.

And when you open its doors, classy elegance greets you warmly.

Of course, as I had mentioned the theater, one senses spirits gleefully entertained by a vibrant stage act.

Talking about gleeful, and this is my best segue, about twenty taps will make this middle-aged guy a bit giddy.

Add great customer service to boot…do you see the glass boot?

You can actually get that filled for ten bucks.

Anyways, good beer and great service equals a full bar.

And across the way, large windows, additions that give this old relic a modern twist, ensure a guest, someone like myself, that, indeed, the beer is brewed right here.

This little corner will let you prove you had visited.

As for the beer, I tried a bourbon aged peanut butter stout; it was literally, and I’ve tried many, the best bourbon barrel beer I’ve had yet…and it was priced accordingly- nine bucks. Yet, Stubborn Brothers’ prices are middle of the road, should you select brews with less ABV.

There is also a menu to survey; with flatbreads, sandwiches, burgers, soups salads, appetizers, kiddie dishes and desserts, this spot can serve as a quality date night- or family outing.

Oh, and I almost forgot about this balcony, and it’s mega-fashionable staircase.

Added to that, and I feel quite embarrassed that I don’t have a photo, there’s an intact orchestra pit; it sits right before the theater’s authentic stage.

To sum this post up, as you can tell, I was pretty impressed. I simply didn’t expect such an interesting setting. I’m not saying Shawano isn’t a cool town; it is. But a theater turned brewery, combined with excellently crafted beer…well, it’s hard to top that.

Safe Travels!

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