Twig’s Beverage Museum

Sundrop, do you remember that soda brand? Actually, it’s still in circulation today, being part of the Keurig corporation.  It may not have the prestige, nor the collector’s value, as something emblazoned with the  Coca-Cola insignia, yet Sundrop’s historic memorabilia is still nostalgic and fun.  And its highlighted at Twig’s Beverage Museum.

let’s stride a few steps backward, where soda companies shamelessly, yes, I said shamelessly, plastered their name everywhere. 

and sold drinks by the truck load.

Twig’s is a family owned business, and has been bottling Sundrop since 1951, so, in Shawano, Wisconsin, the word Sundrop may be music to many an ear, and Heidi is choosing what that tune will be,

Or one could play their own melody with a neon guitar.

If they lack musical talent,  bottling this fruity stuff, like Twig’s has done for seven decades, is definitely a solid choice.

Don’t be fooled, these bottlers are pretty crafty.

And Heidi was in agreement, at least after we had sampled Twig’s craft sodas.

After all was said and done, Twig’s bottling Co. put on quite a show.

And we ran straight to this booth and tried to phone a friend…

But instead were transported from the land of muggles and into the Ministry of Magic….What?  I Like Harry Potter.

All B.S. aside, the museum is fun.  I’d say about a half hour to forty minutes, including a trip to the gift shop, where the company’s soda can be purchased for less than a buck, would be the duration of a full visit.  There aren’t any mindblowing features at the museum, but the place is nostalgic and a little interesting- especially when you see everything that once bore the Sundrop emblem.

Safe Travels!

3 responses to “Twig’s Beverage Museum”

  1. This is a fun post! I have not heard of Sundrop soda, maybe it was a local thing. Heidi has a nice smile. We will be visiting a soda museum pretty soon…. Enjoy your Saturday!

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    • Thanks for the comment, Betty. I had always assumed, since Sundrop had once sponsored Dale Earnhardt, that the brand was national. Since you brought it up, I did a little research. While I didn’t find any mention of it in Missouri, there were tons of southern, eastern and western states that had Sundrop bottling plants…probably still do. I’d compare the drink to a Ski. Hope your visit to your own soft drink museum is stellar. I hope Sunday is a great day!

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