The Cellar District

This past weekend, as it differs every year, was the height of the Easter celebration. And somehow, dare I say miraculously, we found the perfect setting for Good Friday. It was a church turned eatery, residing in Fon du Lac, Wisconsin’s downtown.

Heidi was a bit on the fence, as far as her surroundings were concerned. I, on the other hand, who kind of liked this particular place, which was known as the Cellar District, had brought up the Lord’s Supper, and the fact that food and alcohol were consumed during that sacred event.

Besides, this place, once known as Trinity Lutheran Church,was super classy- with prices that reflected that fact.

It started with a concrete archway, leading to a solid oak door,

then simply the coolest open expanse I’ve ever seen (at least in a restaurant),

Ughhh…are you kidding?

I’m just joking. But seriously, should I blame Wisconsinites for killing this classy atmosphere? I should mention that these games are off in a corner, and they’re actually attractive for what they are.

But back to the ambiance, it simply can’t be beat, and the bar had all sorts of drinks- including craft beers.

I have to admit, mine was pricey, being a bourbon barrel aged stout, and the whiskey flavor was overpowering.

We didn’t eat here, although there was a full menu.

In the end, if you believe a house of God is solely for worship, I understand. But I’d like to point out, and I feel this is a valid point, that during yesteryear, when farmers, and workers for that matter, made their weekly trek towards town or church, church was very much a social outlet. People looked forward to Sunday, donning their best clothes, and sought to mingle with area residents. And I think the fact that this place serves as a place of social gathering is fitting.

Safe Travels!

4 responses to “The Cellar District”

  1. My uncle once converted an old country church to a weekend home. He called it the shack. My family stayed there once when I was growing up. It was a simple church, not elaborate like the one in your post. I have also seen an elaborate church in St. Louis converted to a home. Now that would be really weird. Interesting post!

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    • I agree; I’m not too sure how I’d feel about living in a church. I mean, if it’s elaborate, I’d probably love the aesthetic quality of my home. Yet, I’m only one person – way too much space! Love the comment!

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