Stone Arch Brewpub

Wisconsin’s beer history, which I’ve mentioned in many posts, predates my beloved state’s inception. I think that’s a profound fact. So, when I heard of a craft brewery, one that circulates its beer locally, sitting in an 1858 brewery shell, it simply made sense – and I wanted to visit. That place, named for an arch in that building, one that allowed horse drawn delivery wagons into it, is known as Stone Arch Brewpub.

Unfortunately, when you make it to Appleton, Wisconsin, and stride inside,

you sense the aged structure’s history in an unpleasant manner. I felt that I didn’t need to take a photo, but the beer factory seems to be tucked in a janitor’s closet, or, maybe, I could compare it to a boiler room. It just wasn’t attractive.

But when you delve down into its cellar, the wow factor is there.

This dining area, which seemed like a dungeon, or maybe an age old beer cave, is fun.

The menu includes appetizers, salads, pub favorites, burgers, sandwiches and, last but definitely not least, some darn good pizzas.

There are also thirteen Stone Arch brews, which are available at this stylish bar. I found some decent choices, including a Scottish ale and a delicious oatmeal stout.


And in summer, this patio plays host to an old world dining experience.

I should mention, as it’s certainly necessary, that this building also holds a comedy club. It’s actually a popular venue.

So, after I checked out the gift shop,

we moved onward to our next spot, leaving this aged building behind. But, as we drove south, I longed for a summer evening, when I could sip beer and devour a pizza on Stone Arch Brewpub’s patio.

Safe Travels!

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    • Thanks, Betty! It was a decent afternoon stop. And, as for the second comment, I’ll certainly try my best! Hope the rest of your night goes well also.

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