Copper State Brewing Co.

To many casual NFL fans, Green Bay’s professional football team, which is a very historic orginization, sports a rather arcane moniker: the Packers.  It’s a result, and a deserving tribute, stemming from the team’s first sponsors – a meat packaging plant known as the Indian Packing Company.  So, a brewery set in an old meat processing plant, an aged and gritty brick structure, would aptly fit the Title Town experience.  That’s what you will find at Copper State Brewing Company.

Situated in downtown Green Bay, more precisely the Broadway District, you’ll find this yesteryear vestige.  And its patio is primed for warmer weather.

But Copper State, which gets its name from northern Wisconsin’s copper mines, and the reputation earned from those productive holes in the earth, is more than a brewery.  Its a classy upscale gastro pub that’s oozing a genuine patina of age.

It’s also a coffee shop.

Better still, it boasts a taproom with fourteen excellent house crafted brews.  You’ll find a great stout, a pomegranate brew, an IPA or two, and, in my opinion, the best amber in Green Bay.  There are also nitros and few other brave concoctions.

And keeping its factory roots intact, a service elevator resides in the first floor dining room.

Accompanying the yesteryear factory setting, one will discover appetizers, salads, sandwiches, burgers – including one with peanut butter – and a line up of wood fired pizzas – led off by a pie topped with steak.

Taking into account all the other tone setting elements, in a corner, with the windows allowing observation, the brewery is grinding out more  beers. 

Finally, if you’d like to prove you were here, especially if you dug the food, beer and ambiance, this gift shop promotes this place tastefully.

So, if you crave genuine age, barebones that lacks phony embellishments, you’ll love this downtown Green Bay hangout.

Safe Travels!

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