The Packer Pro Shop

Just suppose, and this has happened to many a pigskin fan, you’re in Green Bay and searching for a keepsake.  Where is the best place to go?  Well, the best place, as far as I’m concerned, is located in a Packer fan’s favorite locale : Lambeau Field – the Packer Pro Shop to be exact. 

The Packer Pro Shop, at my last check, is the largest stadium team store in the NFL.

It offers knick knacks galore,

and a few more.

And if you’re thinking of tailgating,

you’ll need the proper apparel- like jerseys of legendary Packers, both modern and old.

Or you could get a personalized uniform.

Some may want to go a cheaper route, and select hoodies,



or T’s.

And if clothing isn’t your thing,  you’ll find helmets, footballs, plaques, photos…well, anything can imagine.

That includes the rather cliche and mundane,

to fun things most won’t expect.

Finally, there are practical items here also.  If you’re like many who visit Lambeau Field, and fear freezing your butt off, these pads, seats and blankets will protect your rump from the cold aluminum bleachers.

I guess, as I sum this up, you could say this place shamelessly hustles a buck from you anyway they can. Yet I’d like to say, and I feel this is more closer to the truth, these clever merchants find novel and unique ways to celebrate the team you love!

Safe Travels!

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