Lion’s Tail Brewing Co.

Located in the heart of Neenah, Wisconsin, on a road aptly named Commercial Street , you’ll find a stately, old-time financial building. And Sharing this large property with other businesses, the Lion’s Tail Brewing Company is the, dare I say, pride of its tenants.

Providing a range of drinking settings, this brewery oozes style. You can lounge on the patio – surmising a few historic relics.

The most significant, a structure which hovers over delighted beer drinkers, would be this clock tower.

Inside, should you choose the shelter of antiquated walls, the taproom sports a few scenes, fun atmospheres, where one can sip tasty beverages.

Let’s start with the barroom,

Where twelve taps, and other Lion’s Tail canned beers, await a thirsty patron.

You’ll find traditional ales to wild stuff – like some weird vanilla pineapple milkshake concotion…yeah, insane variety. As an added bonus, a large number of new brews are created each year. Plus, there’s also plenty of guest brews to try, if, for some crazy reason, you feel like drinking another brewery’s drinks.

Pulling ourselves from the barroom, if you’d care for a funky atmosphere, you could hang out in this small room.

And this spot is equally cool.

When I was finished with my beer, I felt like letting out a roar. The brewery’s atmosphere was fun, hip and refreshing. And Lion’s Tail Brewing Co. offered a ton of beers, enough to satisfy any ale thirsty visitor.

Safe Travels!

2 responses to “Lion’s Tail Brewing Co.”

    • Thanks Betty! You’re right, the atmosphere was certainly noteworthy. As for people having fun, Yeah, there were a trio of guys, who I hadn’t met before, goofing off in the last shot. I love the guy’s pose! And yes, that clock tower was awesome. I appreciate the comment.

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