Gnarly Cedar Brewery and Ledgestone Vineyards

I know for a fact, at least from my own experience, that women prefer wine, and men prefer a hearty beer. And satisfying the couple on a date night, heck, whatever night, Ledgestone Vineyards and Gnarly Cedar Brewery, an alcohol combo in rural Wisconsin, will satisfy both palates.

This spot is located on Highway 32, between Greenleaf and Wrightstown.

Inside, when you stroll among the classically modern ambiance, you feel as if you’re in a wine sipping spot.

And even if I didn’t taste any vintages, being that I’m more of a beer drinking fella, as I recall my brief conversation with the owner, the winery is spurred by passion and not a want for capital. And with grapes grown on site, you’re guaranteed local flavors in classic wines.

Signifying how passion pays off, with the winery being a five year old project, it has blossomed, with the fermented grape beverage factory remaining, into a one-year old 7-barrel brewery.

Of the twelve beers I found on Gnarly Cedar’s drink list, most appeared as your typical brewery offerings. I tried the amber; it wasn’t bad. The owner suggested I try the Vienna Lager before I left. It was a great suggestion, being a light bodied beer with great flavor. She has promised that the beer list will expand, and more daring concoctions are about to be rolled out.

I love the feel of this place, meaning Gnarly Cedar’s cellar lounge. Here, you’re in the midst of machinery, which gleam freshness, promising well crafted beverages.

Of course, the more refined side of the joint, I mean this alcohol drinking establishment, plays host to fun loving patrons.

While sipping my amber, I dreamed of this place in summer. In a short while, with live music wafting along a grassy field, which is bordered by grapevines, an incredible atmosphere will be rendered.

When I finished up, I hoped to bring Heidi, my girlfriend, to this excellent spot – a drinking haven amongst rural landscape. It certainly seemed like a great couple mingling environment. So, when I finished my glass, I vowed a pleasure filled return.

Safe Travels!

2 responses to “Gnarly Cedar Brewery and Ledgestone Vineyards”

  1. Sounds like a great place to take Heidi! I got an email today announcing Pentwater’s Brews & Beats event on May 7. It is a “Craft Beer, Wine and Cider Festival.” I thought of you! It is refreshing when someone pursues a business because of passion. Of course, it has to be profitable, but still, the difference between pursuing for passion versus capital, can certainly be felt.

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    • Would you believe that I have never been to a craft beer fest? I take that back; I attended a candlelight ski event, one where local breweries let you sample their beers in the lodge. But a full blown festival, well, they’re expensive – and I don’t drink enough to justify the cost. As for knowing whether something is done for passion versus avarice, i have been fooled before. But generally, you’re right, you can just sense it.

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