High School Artwork at the Neville

As I’ve grown older, I’ve acquired an affinity for art. I’m not sure why; maybe it’s a substitute for Rollercoasters and such. Whatever the case, I actually like many different artistic outputs- and not in some showy pretentious sense. So, when I see youngsters create unique pieces, I applaud their efforts. Now that I’ve made that point clear, with a new exhibit at the Neville Public Museum, I had decided to check out local teenagers’ depictions of life.

The renderings range in media,

From charcoal

to oil paintings,

and photography

to…well, whatever you can think of.

All told, there are over forty pieces here,

and the varying influences are evident.

Many area highschools have contributed to this collaboration, and almost every piece is cause for pause and contemplation. I’m wondering what these blossoming minds are thinking and feeling -and why they chose to produce the piece they did. Truly, I appreciate their artistict expressions.

This is a congressional competition, representing the eighth congressional district. And if they happen to be selected, winners will have their art displayed at the US Capitol.

Safe Travels!

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