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Stillmank Brewing Co.

Stuck in a quiet and modest locale, set on a rather busy sidestreet, right among residential, industrial and commercial structures, lies my favorite Green Bay brewery. It’s known as Stillmank Brewing Co.

This place feels genuine, with its corrugated metal shell, resembling a giant garage – or a utility shed – stating the owner’s humble beginnings.

And the tap room boasts a fun intimate setting. It’s a scene where fifteen taps, sporting a vast array of contrivances, awaits the ale thirsty guest.

When I talk about a wide variety, I’m speaking of beers such as Killer Bees(a delicious jalepeno blonde – yeah, it’s a hot blonde- Heidi will probably punch me), a rye wine ale, a pear cider and various IPA’s. With such offerings, this taproom’s options just dare you to say, “I couldn’t find anything interesting.” If you do, I’ll assuredly call you a dirty liar.

Beyond Stillmank’s beers, if you’re simply hoping for a unique atmosphere, You could also get down and dirty, hunkering in at a fashionable table, right inside the brewery.

And although it isn’t large, and the view leaves something to be desired, this trendy patio appeals to the hipster in me.

When all is said and done, it’s clearly evident, and I feel I don’t need to say it, Stillmank’s taproom is a result of beer brewing passion. There are no frills or glitz and glam, just creative brews that exceed your tastebuds’ expectations.

Safe Travels!

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