On the Banks of the Fox River

Residing on the Fox River’s east bank, situated in Green Bay’s downtown, vibrant waterfront scenes provide a refreshing reality break.  Should you stroll that lively setting, fun activities, lax seating and social outings will satisfy those searching for good humor.

The riverfront, at least the one I’m highlighting, runs parallel with Washington Street. At one point, it begins at the Ray Nitchke Bridge, and it continues past the Bart Starr Bridge.

There, you can take in artistic creations,

catch a glimpse of wildlife,

or land your boat at this scenic spot.

Better yet, you can surmise an industrial vista, catching sight of job providing ventures, set on both banks of the Fox.

So far so good, right?  We haven’t even gained upon the City Deck…well, until now.

I caught a few bikers,

captured a few pics of a boat launch

and gained appreciation of the Ray Nitchke Bridge – all in this fashionable location.

I should mention that dogs are allowed on these paths.

And there are cool places to lounge,

maybe catch a bite to eat

and chill right along the river’s edge.

Come summer, there will be more recreational endeavors available, like free concerts and heat subduing water sprinklers. 

With restaurants and bars, boat docks, apt seating and a trail that allows walking,  running, biking….or whatever your recreational pursuit, this refreshing slice of Green Bay allows anyone a quick and restful breath.

Safe Travels!

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