The Fifth Ward Brewing Co.

Lying in the heart of Oshkosh, Wisconsin, near stylish modern structures and classic aged vestiges, you’ll find an unassuming one-story building. There, with a curious name, the Fifth Ward Brewing Co. awaits the fun loving beer drinker.

The Fifth Ward Brewing Company, with its rather arcane title, was named after a brewery, one located in Oshkosh’s fifth ward, which closed its doors in 1882. That’s drawing upon some serious beer history.

And although the exterior seems kind of blah, the taproom is hip and fresh.

That trendy sense transcends from mere ambiance to tasty brews. At least my choice, a barrel aged concoction, categorized as a barleywine, and known as Big Willie Style, was superb. The beer list described it as deliciously rich; I’ll describe it as….yeah, exactly.

Unfortunately, with an industrial warehouse across the street, the view isn’t anything to write home about.

Yet, through a glass door, you can catch a glimpse of the brewery.

And lastly, Despite the less than stellar locale, this beer garden appears ultra fun.

It also plays host to comedy nights and plenty of live music.

The Fifth Ward Brewing Co. offers 22 taps, which constantly rotate. Besides their barrel aged offerings, many IPA’s and sours give this establishment its own unique brewing style. I have to say, pitted against other Oshkosh breweries, by sheer beer craftsmanship alone, this seemingly ordinary location gets a giant thumbs up.

Safe Travels!

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