III Bridge Brewing Co.

In a quiet lakeside town, one that abuts the Michigan – Wisconsin border, and was once known for its lumber production, you’ll find a small, unpretentious brewery.  The moment I stepped through the door, I felt quite confident, and this also comes from a frank conversation,  that this Menominee, Michigan brewer is determined to create quality beverages.

Three Bridge Brewing Company’s operation, like the building that houses it, is very small.  Yet, it is growing, with plans to increase its production, which, right now, is a seven barrel system.

This very intimate taproom, which will also expand, gaining a second floor after this summer, has a lively aura.  I detect a direct reflection of its owner’s personality and passion. 

I kind of sense refreshingly quaint,

with a tiny, but functional, patio that projects a small business venture vibe – gotta love it.

Would you believe this place plays home to 12 fresh taps; they are all reasonably priced.  And the choices rotate, pulling from a growing handbag of over 130 recipes.  That’s some serious variety.

As for my choice, I went for something adventurous, opting for a mead-like cider.  It was sweetly delicious – I mean that quite literally.

At the end of my brief stay, with the owner’s dreams of local distribution in my head, I knew this will be a micro-brewery I’ll remember.  It has all the right essentials: a creative beer list, a refreshing atmosphere and down home Midwestern service.  That certainly made the stop worth while.

Safe Travels!

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