On the Fox River’s West Bank

Last wednesday, I featured the Fox River’s east bank – at least the downtown stretch.  Yet, even if the City Deck is the highlight of Green Bay’s waterfront, the west bank, spanning from the Ray Nitschke Bridge to the Bart Starr Bridge, is also a well kept length of city landscape.

The refreshing green boasts a war memorial,

a tribute to firefighters

and a salute to professions past.

This bit of cityscape also hosts the Neville Public Museum, which is Brown County’s authority on local history.  Along with the area’s history: science, industry and artwork enlightens the curious visitor.

And if you’re seeking relaxation, I realize while gazing from the museum, you could drop a fishing line in the river.

Or if you’re in a rambling mood, the riverfront’s paved path allows for luxuriant strolls.  And should you include the City Deck, thinking of the opposite shore, you could wander a full loop.

If you’re wondering, Green Bay is a tame town, one that boasts an NFL football team. With a population of just over 100,000 people, Green Bay, especially its downtown, is full of history and vibrance.  And this little portion will refresh any resident or visitor.

Safe Travels!

2 responses to “On the Fox River’s West Bank”

    • Thanks, Betty. Logging was an industry of Green Bay, but there were, and still are, quite a few others too. I also think it’s an excellent sculpture; I’m glad the city put it where they did.

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