Summer Activities at the Title Town District

Memorial Day Weekend, which is right around the corner, marks the onset of summer.  So, with the warm temps and sunny days approaching, you might be searching for a festive spot – one with activities galore.  I found one at the Title Town District.

I’ve featured the Title Town District in quite a few posts. And now, as the weather has definitely broke, I’ll feature some summer fun this spot offers. You could just take in its refreshing green courtyard

or its artificially green football field

and playground,

where creative equipment abounds.

Better yet, you could grab a friend and play some ping-pong,

or been bag toss.

Maybe you just long for some bocci ball

or shuffleboard.

Heck, I’m not sure what this is, but it’s supposed to light up and play music.

Yet, all that aside, if you simply want to relax, you could settle into an alfresco dining spot.

There’s a few with iconic views,

boasting stylish furnishings and beverage choices.

Of course, I’m going to ask you to check this place out. The activities are free, and this fresh atmosphere is outstanding. Bring your friends and spend some time in the shadows of Lambeau Field.

Safe Travels!

One response to “Summer Activities at the Title Town District”

  1. This place looks fantastic! I’d love to see the poles which light up and play music. Now, what you call “bean bag toss”, we call “Cornhole.” And it is huge here! We have a day long tournament coming up in our neighborhood. Thanks for your post!

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