AL. Ringling Brewing Co.

Adjacent to a 1906 red stone mansion, one that sheltered a circus mogul, you’ll find a brewery that celebrates the Ringling Brothers Circus.  Our visit, with pub eats and historic brews, was a fun excursion inside the AL. Ringling Brewing Co.

Baraboo, Wisconsin was the winter home of the Ringling Brothers Circus. Today, on those winter grounds, a living circus museum brings genuine bigtop days to life. And not far from the museum, you’ll find the home of the founder and leader of that circus.

Along with that, in a fashionable brick building, which is attached to the mansion, lies a brewery. It’s full of circus wagon style, starting with its entrance.

A curious stage, featuring a museum piece from 1903, adds old time big top flair.

Besides that, there’s plenty of space to just kick back.

You can also surmise the taproom from a lengthy wood balcony.

If you’re wondering, AL. Ringling Brewing Co. sports 20 taps, including a Ringling family recipe – one found under the floorboards of the mansion. 

The light bodied brew wasn’t bad; it basically tasted like today’s domestics.

Off at one end of this space, you’ll find brewing machinery.

And, if you care to take shelter in the mansion’s shadows, and breathe in the refreshing Baraboo air, this beer garden awaits the person searching relaxation.

Plus, with condiments like these, you know this place takes pride in its food. And the prices are very reasonable.

When we left, with gaudy circus wagon flair impressed upon our minds, I have to say that I was quite impressed. Along with the brewery, should you care to see the mansion, tours are given every hour on the hour – at a cost of $20 per person. It certainly was quite a production, and as its sign boasts, playing off of the iconic circus slogan, possibly ‘The Greatest Brewery on Earth’….well, I’d definitely put it in my personal top 10.

Safe Travels!

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