Downtown in the Dells

Wisconsin Dells, located in, you guessed it… Wisconsin – south central Wisconsin to be exact- is the largest tourism built town in the state.  If I were to describe it, I’d say it’s a waterpark filled version of Coney Island. 

And in search of unbridled wild fun,

we decided to walk its small downtown section.

Everywhere you turn, there’s some jovial enterprise, whether a shop,

fun house,


or coin operated amusement,

poised to extract money from your wallet.

But I’m not complaining; many shop prices are reasonable.

Some of the restaurant food is quite novel.

The coin ops are fun.

Heck, we even got tats….

don’t freak out, they’re temporary.

Of course, you could always try a confectionery,

where, among other delectable sweets, fudge reigns supreme.

If you need a gaming fix, you could try an arcade,

and you could win a fun prize.

When we were finished, after a few hours of blissfully gallivanting around this section of the Dells, smiles were pleasantly settled on our faces. For now, Wisconsin Dells will live in our memories.

No, I didn’t shoot Heidi with a paintball…

Safe Travels!

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