Mirror Lake State Park

Being a rather unassuming Wisconsin state park, one with a snake-like body of water, Mirror Lake offers a few decent hikes.  The trails allow for picturesque sandstone cliffs, marshy wild rice fields and rolling Wisconsin woodlands.

I think, besides the Pulpit Rock Trail, the coolest way to explore this park, a preserve near Wisconsin Dells, would be by small water craft.  With the sandstone cliffs encasing narrow portions, it would allow for a scenic paddle.

Yet, the Pulpit Rock Trail allowed for some adventure. Especially when we reached the sandstone cliff.

And looked down towards the water below.

After the one mile hike, we sought out the Wild Rice Trail.  There, we caught vegetation on the shore, yielding to marsh and open water.

We also came across budding pine cones

and spring blossoms.

We finished up on a broad path, known as the Turtleville Trail.  It was basically a passage through rolling woodlands.

I forgot to mention the very small beach. 

And I should also mention that, along with 28 miles of hiking trails, there’s also campsites available. Better yet, a Frank Lloyd Wright cottage lies on these grounds.

You could also drop a line in the water, from a small craft of your choice, and catch a northern pike.

When we left, we were fairly satisfied.  The Wisconsin scenery certainly set the tone for our vacation.  And, being that this is very close to the Dells, if you want a break from all of the chaos, this serene set of landscapes might suit your purposes.

Safe Travels!

One response to “Mirror Lake State Park”

  1. This looks like a wonderful park. Your pictures are excellent. The FLLW cottage is a great discovery. I wish I could tour it sometime. Thanks for your post. I am glad to know about this place!


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