Pewits Nest

In a small, secluded area, a short drive from Baraboo, Wisconsin, you’ll find a stony gorge. Near that gorge, the sounds of a narrow, briskly flowing river, accompanied by song birds and an eager owl, could be your soundtrack during an early evening hike. This quaint state natural area is known as Pewits Nest.

When we arrived, finding a modest dirt parking lot, I was a bit skeptical. The entrance, considering that this is state funded land, seems a bit lack luster.

Yet as we trekked across a well maintained trail, delighted by the hoots of a boisterous owl, my doubts diminished.

And when we reached Skillet Creek, the tiny stream responsible for the sandstone passage, I was loving the scenery.

Skillet creek widens into a flat riverbed. The area is the result of glacial drift, with flat river banks in one spot,

the other half, if you walk the trail to the top, is a rock wall river casing. It’s quite an excellent bit of geology.

The trail at Pewit’s nest is listed at 0.9 miles. Yet, if you ignore the wood fence, stepping onto the dirt paths, you can walk along the 30-40 foot sandstone ridge.

Of course, those fences are there for a reason, so know your limits.

When we left, I must admit, I was quite elated. This little place, with its geological attributes, and green Wisconsin forest, made for a short, but excellent, adventure.

Safe Travels!

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    • Thanks, Laci! Wow, surprised to see a comment from you! And yes, the area is definitely a picturesque spot. I’m also kind of getting the hang of landscape photography.


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