A Mini Vacation

Our vacation, I’m speaking of mine and Heidi’s three day excursion, a brief hiatus towards south central Wisconsin, was certainly a triumph.  It was packed with a wide array of  activities, leaving both of our R&R cravings sated. 

I haven’t finished posting all of the highlights of our trip; those will come later.  I just want to relax and write a brief overview – in an attempt to rekindle good humor vibes.

We started, enjoying the natural aspects of the area, by wandering a few state preserves…

or parks….natural areas, whatever you want to call them.

Of course, if you’ve read any of my previous posts, you wouldn’t be shocked to learn, and it’s simply becoming second nature to me, that we visited a brewery in between scenic hikes.

The place was super cool.

We found cleanly lodging for seventy dollars a night; Heidi commented that the room looked nice in the dark.  In all seriousness though, the stay was very comfortable.

Besides that, the next day, and absolutely the pinnacle of our vacation, quite literally, we climbed along the Balanced Rock Trail. 

We joked, laughed, took in spectacular views…Heidi even cried.  No, I didn’t get a photo of that; that would have probably marked the end of our  relationship.

Anyways, after our hike, we found a fun brewery, one with a fantastic beer garden,

and refueled with beer and pizza.

We also traveled to a secluded state park.

And the end of the night was spent downtown in  the Dells.  Yet, because we arrived late, our galavanting was slightly curtailed.

When we woke on Monday, and after we packed our belongings, we left the motel and headed for Wisconsin Dells.  The entire day was spent in that buzzing tourist hub.

We started with a mid-morning excursion on the Wisconsin Ducks.  I’m not talking about waterfowl, I’m speaking of WWII amphibious vehicles.  It was an eight- mile- land-eight-mile-water journey through picturesque woodlands

and sandstone cliff bordered waterscapes.

After that, we played two rounds of golf at pirates cove mini golf course…I forgot who won- it probably wasn’t me.

We finished the day perusing the downtown area, picking up souvenirs and simply having fun.

Our final stop, right before our drive home, happened to be…you guessed it, another brewery.  The interior of this place was fashionably rustic

So, there you have it, a pretty event filled mini-vacation.  Actually, when writing this, I’m pretty blown away by all we tackled. My only gripe, when returning home, would be that sense that those days passed too quickly.  Anyways…

Safe Travels!

2 responses to “A Mini Vacation”

  1. It sounds like an enjoyable three days! The hikes look beautiful. The journey on the Wisconsin Ducks looks like something we would really enjoy! Now, my husband only remembers any competitions between us – if he wins. And he can go back years! Did Heidi cry because of the spectacular views – or was it the hot sauce? Seriously, I am thinking some time we need to spend some weeks exploring Wisconsin in our travel trailer. Thanks for your post!


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