Cruising on a Duck

When thinking of the scenery nearby Wisconsin Dells, one can certainly agree, and I’d be one of those people, that the area simply begs for a land and water tour. The Original Wisconsin Ducks, a tour via an amphibious military vehicle, is the answer to that call; it has been a tourism staple for well over 75 years. Besides the water parks, I’d bet, and I’d put a ton of money down, that it’s the most well known draw in this saturated tourist town.

This was my big surprise – at least to my girlfriend. She loves boat rides and going fast.

Believe it or not, I’m quite the opposite. But one similar duck tour, a ride when I was a small boy, was a very fond memory. So, when I was planning this trip, I knew this would be something we both would enjoy.

We found a coupon located in a nearby state park. Basically, a round of mini golf and the tour came to a total of sixty dollars; that was for both of us!

When we sat in this truck…or boat…or duck, I was a bit apprehensive.

The duck’s driver was a nineteen year old college student. And when we took off, he didn’t seem like a cautious fellow. Quite honestly, the kid’s driving skills blew me away.

And considering the close shaves, I’m glad they chose this guy.

We saw some wildlife, I didn’t get any good pictures. We also viewed sandstone ridges, both inland

and on the water.

I should mention, as I really haven’t explained what a duck is, that these retired military vehicles saw action during WWII and the Korean War – the nickname duck coming from its code name: WDUK. Over 2,000 ducks were used during the US landing on the beaches of Normandy.

And a bit of movie trivia, Steven Spielberg borrowed a few ducks from this town, using them for an intense action sequence, in the filming of the most recent Indiana Jones installment.

The tour was enlightening, fun and entertaining. Like most tours, it was full of cheesy jokes, interesting structures and cool landmarks. The terrain included hilly forests, the Wisconsin River and a man-made lake: Lake Delton.

Unfortunately, there were plenty of sights I couldn’t capture, such as a dam, an old mansion – one that housed the tour’s founder- and, like I said before, a few deer.

In the end, we had a blast, especially when our driver plunged into the water at full speed- sending a sheet of water over our heads. As I demonstrated before, he also took snake like turns at alarming speeds – at least I was alarmed.

After stepping off the duck, we both purchased souvenirs to commemorate our trip. Heidi was pleasantly surprised; I think she appreciated my choice and the exhilarating duck ride.

Safe Travels!

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    • Thanks, Betty. Yeah, I guess I forgot to mention the tour length. But, yeah, it was standard tour length – somewhere around an hour. And if you’re wondering about distance, it was half and half: eight miles on land and eight miles in the water.

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