Moose Jaw Pizza and Brewing Company

Wisconsin is known, along with a few other Upper Midwest states, as a historic logging area. The state was full of white pine, a desired material during the Midwest’s development, making this rugged region a reknowned lumber producer.  Playing off that reputation, with a log cabin feel, one with an awe-inspiring fashion sense,  Moose Jaw Pizza and Brewing Company certainly emanates that rustic woodland vibe.

This was our last stop, during our vacation, before riding back to Green Bay.  This restaurant was certainly memorable.  From the moment you amble through the door, that gritty northwoods vibe hits you – in an upscale manor sense.  You’ll get what I mean in a second.

Part of me, knowing that this place is an extremely commercial endeavor, wants to chastise the owner.  But when I stepped inside, literally agape when taking in the stylish, rugged wood decor, I immediately forgave that entrepreneurial fellow.

Unfortunately, being  the opposite of many breweries, this place didn’t offer a lot of taps.  Yet, Moose Jaw’s brews were definitely acceptable, and, given the atmosphere, this experience quelled the thirsty lumberjack dying to escape my fleshy shell.

Better yet, and I definitely understand why pizza is included in this establishment’s name, those pies are superior!  I’m not embellishing.  Paired with a Moose Jaw original ale, it was probably the best meal on our vacation.  I’m not saying the other places stunk; this place just kicked some serious tail!

Besides the pizza, Moose Jaw showcases a full menu, including a breakfast buffet and an extensive kids menu.  Not to mention a pretty long drink list.

When we were finished,  the friendly service and souvenirs, ones from the gift shop, put satisfied smiles on our faces.

I can assuredly tell you that Moose Jaw Pizza and Brewing Company was a positive experience.  And that set the tone for a fun ride home.

Safe Travels!

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